Daiya Unveils Innovative Line of Dairy-Free Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese

Daiya Unveils Innovative Line of Dairy-Free Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese
Daiya Unveils Innovative Line of Dairy-Free Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese

In a groundbreaking move that promises to delight both dairy-free enthusiasts and comfort food aficionados alike, Daiya, renowned for its mastery of dairy-free cheese, has announced the launch of a new line of Mac & Cheese. This innovative range, crafted with dairy-free cheese and gluten-free pasta, introduces a fresh take on the classic dish.

The newly unveiled Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese line features three tantalizing flavors:

  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: Cheddar
  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: White Cheddar
  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: Aged Cheddar (Available exclusively in the US)

Notably, this launch marks the debut of the only dairy-free Aged Cheddar Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese available on the market, positioning Daiya at the forefront of culinary innovation. By offering a quick and convenient comfort food option devoid of dairy, the brand aims to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers.

Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese has emerged as a popular choice among consumers seeking a convenient yet satisfying meal option. However, the availability of dairy-free alternatives has historically been limited, with taste and texture concerns often cited as barriers. With its latest offerings, Daiya seeks to address these challenges and revolutionize the category with a range of dairy-free Mac & Cheese options that deliver on both flavor and quality.

John Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at Daiya, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We’re excited to offer a Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese option that is a comfort worth craving, without the conditions of dairy.” Emphasizing Daiya’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction, Kelly highlighted the brand’s dedication to expanding its product range to cater to evolving preferences.

Last year, Daiya unveiled its new brand platform, “100% Plant-based. Even if you’re not,” signaling a departure from the ‘all or nothing’ approach to plant-based diets. This inclusive ethos invites all consumers, regardless of dietary preferences, to explore Daiya’s diverse range of products. The brand celebrated this philosophy with its recent Fromage Forgery campaign, affirming the exceptional quality of its dairy-free cheese products.

The Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese line will be priced at $4.49 per box and will be available in the United States at select retailers, including Walmart and The Fresh Market, starting in April. Canadian consumers can find the products at Loblaws and Metro ON stores. For additional information about Daiya’s offerings, interested individuals are encouraged to visit daiyafoods.com.

Image via Daiya