Unilever Canada Reveals Massive 2022 Frozen Dessert Lineup

Unilever Canada Reveals Massive 2022 Frozen Dessert Lineup
Unilever Canada Reveals Massive 2022 Frozen Dessert Lineup

Unilever Canada today revealed its largest frozen dessert portfolio ever across its signature packaged ice cream and frozen novelty brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Magnum, Popsicle and newly launched Wall’s.

Produced locally in Simcoe, Ontario, new products hitting the shelves of major retailers nationwide now include Magnum Duets, the first-ever twice-dipped ice cream bar as well as a globally inspired ice cream lineup made with authentic ingredients from around the world from Wall’s, and much more.

Here’s a closer look at the lineup as per Unilever:

Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum ice cream launches Magnum Duets, the first ice cream bar to be twice dipped in two types of chocolates to deliver a one-of-a-kind extra indulgent experience like no other. Magnum Duet ice cream bars come in a collection of 4 different flavour combinations.

  • Cookie Duet: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate ganache swirl, fully dipped in white chocolate with dark chocolate cookie pieces and half-dipped in milk chocolate
  • Almond Duet: Almond ice cream with brown sugar almond butter swirl, fully dipped in milk chocolate with almond and half-dipped in dark chocolate
  • Chocolate Duet: Vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl, fully dipped in white chocolate and half-dipped in milk chocolate
  • Caramel Duet: Caramel ice cream with sea salt caramel swirl, fully dipped in dark chocolate and half-dipped in milk chocolate


To celebrate Canada’s diversity, Wall’s launches in the Canadian market with an internationally inspired line-up of authentic flavours influenced by the brand’s local expertise in over 50 countries.

  • Bubble Tea (inspired by the tastes of Taiwan): Milk tea ice cream with a brown sugar swirl and chewy tapioca inclusions. Also available in frozen novelty bars in Milk Tea and Pudding flavours
  • Ube (inspired by the tastes of the Philippines): Smooth yam ice cream with a rich purple colour, flavoured with ube puree
  • Malai Kulfi (inspired by the tastes of India): Thick delicious Kulfi-style ice cream, flavoured with cardamom and saffron, with crunchy almond inclusions


Breyers, a family classic in Canadian households, celebrates local taste profiles across different provinces with its new Breyers Canadian Desserts flavours. This national range invites Canadians on a road trip for their tastebuds with flavours inspired by classic regional desserts from coast to coast.

  • Nanaimo Bar (inspired by British Columbia): Dark chocolate base with coconut flakes and a graham cracker ripple, swirled with a creamy custard base
  • Butter Tart (inspired by Ontario): A vanilla base layered with luscious caramel swirl and buttery pastry pieces
  • Sugar Pie (inspired by Québec): A vanilla base ribboned with a maple swirl and maple crunch pieces
  • Blueberry Grunt (inspired by the East Coast): A vanilla base ribboned with a blueberry sauce and buttery pastry pieces

Ben & Jerry’s

Known for its signature chunks and swirls, Ben & Jerry’s now offers fans 28 different euphoric flavours, the largest variety ever in its Canadian line-up. Ben & Jerry’s brings new varieties to their cores and indulgent classics, as well as a partnership with Chance the Rapper and a new non-dairy offering that round out this year’s sweet additions.

  • Banana Foster Core: Banana-cinnamon ice cream with almond toffee clusters and a salted caramel core
  • Karamel Sutra Core: Chocolate and caramel ice creams with fudge chips and soft caramel core
  • Impretzively Fudge Core: Vanilla and chocolate ice creams with fudge-covered pretzel pieces and fudge core
  • Strawberry Jammin’: Sweet cream ice cream with pie crust pieces, white fudge bits and strawberry jam swirls
  • Milk & Cookies: Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies
  • Chewy Gooey Cookie: Milk chocolate and coconut ice creams with fudge flakes, shortbread cookies and caramel swirls
  • Mint Chocolate Chance: Mint ice cream loaded with fudge brownies (inspired by Chance the Rapper’s own favourite concoction growing up)
  • The Tonight Dough (Non-Dairy): Caramel and chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough


Popsicle, the original and iconic novelties brand launches Shakesicles bars inspired by nostalgic diner classics like strawberry and vanilla shakes and are made with malt.

  • Shakesicle Strawberry Bar: Strawberry flavoured bar with a creamy soft serve texture, made with natural flavours
  • Shakesicle Vanilla Bar: Vanilla flavoured bar with a creamy soft serve texture, made with natural flavours
  • Breyers x Popsicle Strawberry Shakesicle: Creamy and smooth strawberry flavour, it’s a top requested flavour, made with natural colours and flavours

Image via Unilever Canada