Join A&W Canada’s Coffee ‘Sipscription’ Test For Free Unlimited Coffee Throughout March 2021

Free Unlimited Coffee At A&W Canada During March 2021 As Part Of Coffee ‘Sipscription’ Test
Free Unlimited Coffee At A&W Canada During March 2021 As Part Of Coffee ‘Sipscription’ Test

A&W Canada is testing a new Coffee “Sipscription” service where they’re inviting fans to enjoy free unlimited coffee during the month of March 2021 for taking part in the test.

If the program proves to be popular among fans, A&W plans to launch a paid coffee subscription program nationwide.

As part of the paid subscription program, fans pay a set monthly fee to enjoy unlimited coffee from A&W.

To sign up for the A&W Coffee Sipscription free trial, enter the email address associated with your A&W mobile app account by visiting The sign up closes on February 25, 2021. If you miss the sign up deadline, you will not be able to enjoy free unlimited coffee in March.

After your A&W Sipscription free trial ends on March 31, you’ll receive an email inviting you to complete a short survey with your feedback about the program. Based on your responses, the A&W Sipscription could become a permanent A&W program later in the year.

During the free test phase, you can order any size A&W Organic Fairtrade Coffee from the mobile app. There is a limit of one free coffee per transaction, but you can make unlimited transactions each day. Just keep in mind that it will only work for orders placed through the brand’s mobile app.

During your month of free coffee, you will see a Sipscription badge on the Settings page of the mobile app under the Account section. This shows that you are enrolled in the A&W Sipscription program for the month of March 2021.

Image via A&W Canada

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