Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Rewards Program

Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Rewards Program
Tim Hortons Introduces New Tims Rewards Program (Tim Hortons)

Tim Hortons is offering fans a chance to score free coffee and more with the introduction of the Tims Rewards program.

In order to participate in the program, simply pick up a physical Tims Rewards Card from your local Tims or visit timhortons.ca/rewards or download the Tim Hortons mobile app and sign up with your email or Facebook login and you’ll be issued a digital Tims Rewards Card.

Once you’re all set up, you can use your physical Tims Rewards Card to collect rewards before registering. However if you want to track your rewards status and ensure that no rewards are lost if a physical card is lost, the company recommends registering it at timhortons.ca/rewards.

To start earning rewards, scan your digital or physical card before each purchase, and after every seven purchases of 50 cents or more, you can collect your reward for free coffee, tea or a baked good.

For a limited time only, once you register you will also receive a free reward following your first purchase greater than $1.50.

Just be aware that you can only bank up to 5 Rewards on your account at any one time. Rewards earned above 5 will not be saved on your account until you have used the rewards banked in your account. Additionally, any banked but unused Reward will expire after 120 days.

There is no charge to join the program. If you’re a frequent Tims patron, it’s definitely a program worth considering.

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