Review: Maple Timbits From Tim Hortons

Review: Maple Timbits From Tim Hortons
Review: Maple Timbits From Tim Hortons

This is a review of the new Maple Timbit, introduced by Tim Hortons as a limited-edition Canadian-themed offering in celebration of Canada 150.

Maple Timbits are among four Canadian-themed treats released by the brand across Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. I paid just north of $4 for a 10-pack of Maple Timbits along with a large dark roast coffee.

There’s nothing fancy about the Maple Timbit, in fact, it’s quite plain. Among a box of 50 mixed Timbits, the Maple Timbit would likely be passed over in favour of other more visually stimulating varieties.

The new Timbit itself has the texture of the brand’s Old Fashion donut and comes thoroughly coated in granulated sugar.

While the texture is somewhat heavy, it does play well in the mouth and is surprisingly moist, with a subtle maple flavour. I was actually expecting a burst of maple flavour, but was pleasantly surprised at how well the granulated sugar worked with the mild maple flavour infused within the Timbit.  I could easily sit down and consume 20 of these things in the blink of an eye.

Maple Timbit
Maple Timbit

When it comes down to it, the Maple Timbit stands out to me as real winner for the brand. I’d like to see the Maple Timbit offered on the permanent menu, or at least make regular appearances as a seasonal offering.

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Tim Hortons Maple Timbits Review
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The new Maple Timbit delivers a mild maple flavour in a plain, but tasty package.

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