Review: Tim Hortons Churro Donut And Churro Timbits

Review: Tim Hortons Churro Donut And Churro Timbits
Review: Tim Hortons Churro Donut And Churro Timbits

This is a review of Tim Hortons‘ two new Churro Treats: the Churro Donut and Churro Timbits.

Churro Donuts and Churro Timbits are both made with a fried-dough pastry that’s sprinkled with a blend of cinnamon and sugar. The ridged Churro Donut gets the added bonus of a caramel filling. I paid 99-cents for my Churro Donut at a local Tims. I also purchased a small box of Churro Timbits (price escapes me).

Churro Timbits

While I was initially excited about diving in to the new Churro Timbits, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when my first Timbit was grossly undercooked. The combination of raw and undercooked dough on the inside was simply off-putting and left me hesitant to continue. But the temptation to woof it down won the day, and my second Churro Timbit – I’m happy to report – was cooked just right.

Churro Timbits are very light and mostly hollow on the inside with a pleasant sugar coating. To be quite honest, the cinnamon flavour was mostly nonexistent, but I was more than satisfied with the overall flavor profile. Aside from the issue of being undercooked, the Churro Timbit is a winner in my books – but Tims, you really need to work on quality control. Are you listening?

Churro Timbits
Churro Timbits

Churro Donut

Like the Churro Timbit, the new Churro Donut is light and mostly hollow with a satisfyingly and somewhat crunchy exterior. The caramel filling is absolutely amazing, and reminded me of something I’d expect to find in a treat at the fair. The filling is hands down the best part of the Churro Donut and it left me wanting for more. While I absolutely loved all the flavor combinations, I was disappointed in the lack of caramel filling. To be honest, I found myself hunting for filling. Tims, fix this, please!

Just one more thought on the caramel filling – I was struck by how much the flavour reminded me of cotton candy. Please feel free to leave any comments, or questions you may have in the comment section below, and rate this treat yourself, if you’ve tried one, or both. Did you get that rush of cotton candy flavor too? I’d like to know!

Churro Donut Caramel Filling
Churro Donut Caramel Filling

I’m willing to overlook the quality control issues (for now), with the hope my experience was isolated.

I absolutely believe Tims hit a homerun with Churro Treats. Get them while you can, because they’re only available for a limited time.

Churro Donut Cut In Half
Churro Donut Cut In Half

For the record, I purchased a small box of Timbits and about half were undercooked. The quality control issue is reflected in my overall rating.

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Tim Hortons Churro Donut and Churro Timbits Review

This is a review of the new Tim Hortons Churro Donut and new Churro Timbits.

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