Amazon Prime Video Canada Review

Review – Amazon Prime Video Canada
Review – Amazon Prime Video Canada

Amazon Prime Video Canada is a streaming service now available in Canada where you can stream movies, TV shows and exclusive content on mobile devices and PCs. This is a review of the serevice available in Canada.

The streaming service launched in Canada as part of Amazon‘s global rollout of the service.

If you’re not already a Prime member, you will have to purchase an annual subscription to Amazon Prime in order to take advantage of the service. An annual subscription in Canada will cost you $79. Prime membership has many other benefits. I won’t get into those added benefits here, but you can check out our original article on the launch of Amazon Prime Video to get a better idea of what Prime a all about.

Before Amazon Prime Video launched in Canada I was already a Prime member, so the addition of streaming video is another free benefit that I welcome.

I also have subscriptions to Netflix Canada and CraveTV. The first thing I noticed about Amazon Prime Video is that it doesn’t offer nearly as many titles as Netflix, and Crave TV. That’s understandable, due to the fact that Amazon Prime Video isn’t a standalone product – it’s basically an added benefit offered to Prime members.

If you’re in the market specifically for a streaming service that offers almost unlimited content Amazon Prime Video is not for you. I would have to advise you to go with Netflix. If however, you want to enhance your streaming sources, I have no problem recommending Amazon Prime Video*. When you consider the other benefits included with your Prime membership, this is a great free addition, but it’s far from being a Netflix killer, or even a competitor – at least not in Canada.

I was able to stream great quality video on my PC as well as my iOS device. There’s also an option to download content to watch later. That’s great for taking content with you without using valuable data. Incidentally, Netflix Canada recently introduced the download option as part of their streaming service.

*Full Disclosure: After a month with Prime Video, I have re-evaluated the service and downgraded my original ratings. I just want to reiterate my belief that Prime itself is a decent service, but Prime Video as a standalone product is not something I can recommend.

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