Review: Star Shower Motion Laser Light As Seen On TV In Canada

Review: Star Shower Motion Laser Light As Seen On TV In Canada
Review: Star Shower Motion Laser Light As Seen On TV In Canada

The New for 2016 Star Shower Motion Laser Light is being advertised widely on TV networks across Canada this holiday season. But does this product live up to all the hype? Let’s take a look.

First of all, the product featured in this review is the NEW Star Shower Motion Laser Light. The 2016 version includes motion, a feature not available in 2015. Additionally, the build quality and performance appears to have been approved over the 2015 static version. We’ve received several reports that the 2015 version, simply called the Star Shower Laser Light was plagued with problems, including lackluster performance.

The 2016 Star Shower Laser Light with Motion can be set up on your lawn to illuminate your home year round without risking climbing ladders to hang lights the traditional way. The product will also illuminate tress and other objects on your property. The product is waterproof, has an advertised coverage area of 3000 sq. ft., projects green and red colours and is weather resistant from -34C to 37C. That should be enough area to cover an average two-storey home in Canada.

Here in Canada, the Star Shower Motion Laser Light is being offered “As Seen on TV” for $79.95, plus shipping and handling. It’s being promoted as the “Deluxe Version” designed for Canadian harsh winters, and includes an indoor base and a lawn stake for outside installation. You can also find the Star Shower Motion Laser Light at selling Canadian Tire for $79.99, without the indoor base. We also found the Star Shower Motion Laser Light selling at Staples Canada for $69.98. Based on our findings, it’s a good idea to shop around. Just be sure you’re comparing apples to apples, as in the 2016 version with motion.

On the downside, the unit comes with a very short power cord, making an extension cord essential for both indoor and outside use. Because the unit is pretty much self-contained, theft is probably something you should consider when setting up. We recommend bringing your Star Shower Motion Laser Light inside when not in use. You should also consider you options on where to install in areas where snowfall will bury the unit.

Just be aware that some retailers are still offering the 2015 motionless version, including Walmart Canada and on Amazon. Prices vary, and it’s easy to confuse the older version with the new 2016 version with full motion.

Star Shower Motion Laser Light Real World Performance

Below you will find a recent video review of the new for 2016 Star Shower Motion Laser Light. Unlike official product videos, the demonstration of the product’s performance in the video below will give you a very good idea of what you can expect from the new Star Shower. If you own last year’s static version of this product, you’ll obviously notice the dramatic increase in overall performance.



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